Devil's Path


Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.8 10 505

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ferdmalenfant 8 / 10

Surprisingly good

A well made, well acted movie about dirty little secrets and a whole lot more. Great thriller.

Reviewed by hampersnow-28905 3 / 10

Good for a laugh...........

I kind of feel bad leaving a negative review for this because I'm sure some effort went into making it, the acting is decent, but the story is just nonsense. Right off the bat it started out bad and then got worse, in fact I kept watching just to see how bad it would get. The plot........a Loon and a gay Asthmatic are chased through the woods. Throw in Tarot cards, backpacks, a knife and ridiculous dialogue, nutty twists and plenty of holes in the plot and it was at least entertaining for how absurd it was. What can you say about a movie where people running for their lives stop to discuss Penguins and Love ? The lead actor who also co-wrote the film was maybe trying to make some statement on life and loneliness, but if so he failed. I felt nothing for the characters because it was completely unrealistic. There is some great gay cinema out there, but this is not it.

Reviewed by kitablett 8 / 10

Gripping Gay Themed Thriller

I hate to disagree with someone else's review, but, far from laughing at this movie, I felt quite depressed by the end of it. Sure, towards the end, the story becomes slightly far-fetched but I certainly wasn't bored with it and a brilliant directorial debut for Matthew Montgomery (whom I've always admired as an actor) with both the actors and the great and ominous atmosphere of the film, which is spot on. The actor who plays Noah seems somewhat older than the Patrick character, despite obvious plastic surgery, but both main actors give brilliant performances with their ambiguous characters (not knowing which of them is the bad guy or the good guy, which I found fascinating). It's always hard to write a story which has twists and turns without it being a little hard to believe and I think the screen play was a pretty good effort. Disappointed that sexy Steve Callahan only had a small role ,as the ranger, in it, but always great to see him in anything and, of course,a cameo from Montgomery himself.. Rather a unusual scenario actually, being set in a gay beat in the woods and, apart from the flaws in the mystery near the end, a really good and gripping film and highly recommended, as long as one isn't feeling depressed to begin with, don't miss it... .

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