Fat Fiction



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by amandazz100 9 / 10

Modern Chronic Disease is a result of Nutrition mistakes since the introduction of the Dietary Guideliness

This documentaty shows clearly how the key to regaining health is to ignore the current dietary guidelines and instead adopt a Whole Food Animal (and Plant) based diet. This diet is one which will stop blood sugars spiking and allow the recovery of metabolic health.

The documentary is a well organised, evidence based documentary which includes real examples of the impact of eating the current recommended diet on healthy individuals not just those suffering from metabolic illness and introduces you to many experts who can help you to understand the issues. .

There is a steadily increasing cohort of private individuals regaining health ( and maintaining health) by following the recommendations outlined in this documentary. Anyone who wants to live a long healthy life, should watch the documentary and then follow the same actions as some of those in the documentary and take a large black bag to a great deal .of the contents of their larder/ fridge..

For anyone spending time at home, wondering how to optimise their chances of withstanding Corona Virus, you could usefully watch the documentary, follow up the interviews given by reading the evidence yourself and make a start on recovering your own metabolic health. Poor metabolic health has already been implicated in the Corona Virus deaths. This is a must watch, take it seriously - I am speaking as a severe diabetic (Hba1C 10.3% on diagnosis) now with normal blood sugars at 5.3% a with no medications and regained metabolic health for the last two years because I practise what this documentary tells us.

If you yourself, or your family suffer from any of the conditions of modern civilisation ( eg, diabetes, alzheimers, heart disease, stroke, cancer and many others ) then you owe it to yourself to understand the extent to which FOOD is MEDICINE and what you eat is the difference between eating yourself ill or keeping yourself healthy. This documentary is a great introductory start to that process. A MUST WATCH. .

Reviewed by jmdns 10 / 10

A documentary that nails the obesity problem.

Fat Fiction explains, in detail, how money from big food companies and big pharma has been used to steer us away from healthy eating. Their goals have been to increase profits but they are doing it at the risk of us having a heart attack or developing diabetes and becoming obese. We have substituted high carbs food for more healthy food and the food industry is behind the whole idea. This documentary shows you how they did it and the faulty studies that made us believe the lies.

Reviewed by ricardobasjan 10 / 10

As a trained Chef, I had to change my whole mindset.

I have been a cook for 18 years. I was taught that the Food Pyramid is our guide for cooking healthy cooking. We have turned people into junkies, craving sugar and Carbohydrates. Thank you for making this documentary.

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