Mata Hari


Drama / Thriller / War

IMDb Rating 3.8 10 676

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Gottfried John as Wolff
Vernon Dobtcheff as Prosecutor
Derek de Lint as Handsome Traveller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 3 / 10

Below average version based on famous dancer who used her beauty to seduce and spy

This is a soft-core biography about notorious dancer with smouldering allure who had relationships with high-ranking military officers, politicians,millionaires and others in influential positions in many countries. The film starts in Java 1909, where we see to Mata Hari dancing an exotic temple dance. 1914 Paris , two captains (Christopher Cazenove, Oliver Tobias) know to Margheritte Zella. Later Mata Hari travels in train where knows a handsome traveller (Derek De Lint) but he's suddenly murdered. Then she's accused from killing but is freed by the German captain(Cazenove). Paris 1915, Folies Bergere where Mata Hari is playing a spectacle impersonating the Goddess Kali with several hands. There encounters again the French captain(Tobias), who frames her as informer and asks her participate as Allied spy . In Madrid contacts with a watchmaker and is blackmailed by two German spies(Gaye Brown,Gottfried John). Now she must to go behind the enemy lines and rescue the German captain, dressing as nurse.Posteriorly in Paris 1916, is proceeded an intrigue about an liquid explosive which the baddies want to explode into a cathedral.

This is an erotic and disastrous rendition about the life of famous spy Mata Hari.The picture is full of sexual relations, nudism and some of action and drama. Lousy performance by Sylvia Kristel, Emmanuel, at one of the worst acting of the cinema history. Produced in middling budget by Menahen Golan and Yoran Globus, Cannon, usual producers lots of films during the 70s and 80s. The movie is badly directed by Curtis Harrington.

Although the story is inspired on real events, it's mostly a historical fiction , the actual deeds are the following: His true name was Margaretha Zella(1876-1917), a Frisian-Dutch known dancer and double agent during WWI. She was a successful courtesan , though was known more for her eroticism and sensuality rather for her stunning classic beauty. At 18, she answered an announce in newspapers about a man looking for spouse. She married Netherland Colonial Official and they moved to Indonesia , at island of Java. But the marriage was a disappointment and the couple early separated in 1903. Meanwhile she practices Indonesian traditions, uniting a local dance company learning the exotics jigs. Later she revealed her artistic name, Mata Hari, for 'eye the day' of the sun. She moving back to Europe , winning fame and fortune as exotic dancer. She was one of the leaders of the contemporary dancers, such as Ruth Dennis and Isadora Duncan that looked to Asian world for inspiration. During WWI, as neutral origin citizen was able to cross national borders freely , she travelled among Netherland, France, Germania, Spain but her several movements inevitably attracted attention. In early 1917 the German staff in Madrid transmitted messages to Berlin referring the activities of a German spy , code named H-21. French Intelligence intercepted it and identified as Mata Hari. Then she was detained and put on trial, framed of spying for Germany and condemned death warrant , accused to cause deceasing of at least 50.000 allied soldiers. She was founded guilty and executed by firing squad at the age of 41.

Another better rendering based on famed courtesan/spy are: a silent version with Magda Sonja , classic adaptation by George Fitzmaurice with Greta Garbo and Ramon Novarro and Mata Hari, agent H 21(1964) by Jean Louis Richard with Jeanne Moreau and Jean Louis Trintignant.

Reviewed by Jimbo52 10 / 10

Gorgeous photography in this much under-rated WWI picture

So what if some say this was "Awful"! The supporting cast under Miss Kristal is actually very good. Both the French and the Germans are believable. (What is it with lesbian German "fraulein doktors"?) :-) While the WWI battle scenes were rather poor for their lack of hundreds of extras, the details of what WAS shown is very commendable! Miss Kristal's best scene is where she stands at the edge of a trench and her coat drops to reveal for the first time her nurse's uniform (her costume for her spy duties). It doesn't sound dramatic, but the shot IS! The rest of the movie is just GORGEOUS with the European locations, set decoration and authentic props (including a steam locomotive!). It is a beautifully shot movie! You think you are back in 1916! If you enjoyed the location photography in THE BLUE MAX, you will also like MATA HARI! It may not be CITIZEN KANE but very watchable... many times, even!

Reviewed by hellhound 1 / 10

US version of Mata Hari

US version of Mata Hari is cut omitting all of the sex scenes.International version is much more longer.DVD version released by MGM features the cut end edited version.Original version contain much more sex and nudity.I don't recommend that version.It is a soft core movie and buying the censored version of this silly film will be funny. I am doubtful that Lady Chatterley is also cut or not.I am not sure about it but i is also "R" rated.And it may also be cut.Fifth Musketeer is also cut omitting all of the nudity.For example uncut version contains much more nudity from Sylvia Kristel and Ursula Andress.

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